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Semana Inteligencia Artificial AI4BELGIUM - 14 al 18 marzo 2022

Interesado en la Inteligencia Artificial?

os invitamos a participar en la European AI Week 2022 del 14 al 18 de marzo.

Toda la información aquí:

The European AI Week 2022 will take place from Monday, March 14 to Friday, March 18 2022. The program includes inspiring talks, workshops, new insights from research, new publications and citizen debates.

During this week, organized by AI4Belgium and its many partners across Europe, with the support of the Federal and Regional governments, everyone –expert or not - will have the opportunity to discover the fascinating perspectives of artificial intelligence worldwide. Let’s shape a desirable future together!

After the success of the 2021 edition, the AI4Belgium ecosystem is back on track to share the achievements and the goals of the companies, citizens, institutions, working groups which work throughout the year to make a better world through AI.

Register immediately here : to receive the whole program and be informed of all the 88 events prepared for you and by you !

Look at the entire program in attachment! Save your calendars! Feel free to adapt the visuals and let’s spreading the news !

As a preview, you will find below direct links to the recordings of some key events.

- Opening Ceremony

Monday, March, 15 | 11h – 12h30

With, a.o., Mathieu Michel, Hilde Crevits, Willy Borsus, Bernard Clerfayt, Barbara Trachte

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- Moonshot AI4Health: Belgium, the promised land of AI for healthcare

Monday, March, 15 | 12h30 – 14h

With, a.o., Thierry Geerts, Bart Becks - Sébastien Deletaille - Giovanni Briganti - An Jacobs - Benoit Macq - Christine Decaestecker, …

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- How do I learn about AI ? Learning AI from 7 to 77 … mapping AI trainings

Monday, March, 15 | 13h – 15h

With, a.o., Valerie Zapico, Yann-Aël Le Borgne, Sidi Ahmed Mahmoudi, Raphaël Weuts, …

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- Launch AI4Blockchain

Wednesday, March, 16 | 9h – 16h

With, a.o., Christophe Maertens, Nicolas Van Zeeboreck, Daniel du Seuil, Bart Becks, Denys Bornauw, …

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- Launch AI4Media & Live Entertainment

Wednesday, March, 16 | 16h – 18h

With, a.o., Bart Becks, Deborah Schoenmaekers, Thierry Dutoit, Denys Bornauw, …

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- Generation AI 2030

Thursday, March, 17 | 10h – 17h30

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- #BreakTheBias: Women in AI

Thursday, March 17 | 18h – 20h30

With, a.o., Petra De Sutter, Mieke De Ketelaere, Alzbeta Kruasova, Alessandra Sala, Nathalie Smuha, Cheryl Miller Van Dyck, …

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- AI4Belgium 3rd Birthday!

Friday, March 18 | 9h – 10h

Come and celebrate AI4Belgiums 3rd birthday with us!

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Looking forward to meeting you there online !